At Boggan & Sons Construction, it’s all about family.

The business is run by Keith and Rachel – a husband and wife team. Keith grew up tending bar in Ireland and Rachel grew up in a construction household – her father owns a remodeling company north of Boston. He specializes in historic restoration and Rachel has been watching him work since she was little.

After Keith left Ireland, he spent more and more time in the construction industry and absorbed everything he could about the different trades. When Rachel left Boston, she jumped into the hospitality industry and lived in bars and restaurants for the next ten years. It’s no surprise that they’ve landed here. Rachel loves the construction industry – she convinced (begged….pleaded…) for Keith to fall just as hard for what is now their family home in Gansevoort – a 166-year old farmhouse on 4 acres of land that needed 3-months of work before they could even move in. Wide plank pine floors were all she needed to see when they first walked in to say…”where do we sign?”

The family business was complete when Rachel’s brother, Mike, joined the team in 2012. Mike worked in the family business in Boston and grew up in the construction business. When he moved to New York to join Boggan & Sons, he brought the business to a new level of success with his kind nature, keen design sense and love of old homes.

The "sons" are still determining if the construction business is their calling. The oldest, Jack, recently graduated from Cambridge High School and Cole is a senior this year. The newest member of the family, Rory, is earning his keep.