Let's get to know one another

Every project starts with a dream, goal, or inspiration and we want to get familiar with yours. Maybe it's a small 'fix-it' job, an enhancement like adding crown molding, or seeing your dream kitchen come to life. Whatever your project, big or small, let's talk. Be prepared to discuss your budget with us so we can be on the same page from the start. 

Once we have an idea of your goals, your project and your budget, we can go in one of two directions:

I know exactly what I want and I have designed it or

I could use some design assistance

We're happy to work closely with you to define your vision. Most larger-scale projects like a basement refinishing, kitchen remodel, or bathroom redesign will require design guidance. If that sounds like you, we'll establish a design agreement and get rolling.

Let's get creative

1) Our design agreement is a contract that allows us to spend several hours with you on a design session. If you choose to work with us on your project, the entire cost of the agreement gets put toward the work, like a down payment.




2) At our first session, we will discuss ideas, take measurements, and come up with some initial designs. Our 3D rendering will give you an accurate idea of how everything will look. After that meeting, we'll refine the final design. Once you love it, we'll present you a proposal to approve and then it's go time.



3) We'll order materials, present you with a project timeline and a calendar with a rough idea of when each stage is happening so you can plan ahead. This is especially helpful for a kitchen or bathroom renovation. You'll know exactly when you may not have convenient access to specific areas in the construction area.



4) We're big on logistics, so we'll go over all the nitty gritty such as where our crew should park, what door we can use, if there are pets we need to be mindful of, a baby napping, and so on. Starting from Day 1, we will communicate with you thoroughly to ensure you're 100% happy.



Know exactly what you want?

Perfect! We'll get on the same page and then present you with a proposal. Once you accept, it's go time. (see steps 3 & 4 above)